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Become a member of New Capital Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society

Who is a member
•A member is one who completes the membership form and pays the membership registration fee of =N=1000 naira only
•Members will be expected to pay annual subscription fee of =N=500 on the 12th month anniversary of their joining

•Benefits of being a Member
•Enjoy loans at lower interest rate than customers
•Earn higher interest rate on your savings
•Share dividends as may be declared by management where applicable
•Be the first to know of any financial opportunity that arises
•Where a rich member wants to make a financial gift, the beneficiaries will be only members and not customers
•We will assist you in incubating your business where it is found to be viable by management
•We will help link you with people who will provide accounting and tax services to you at the best cost available
•Attend business training at the cost of the cooperative society
•Expectations Of Members by the Society
•Pay your registration and subscription fee
•Save your funds with the cooperative
•Sign up new members a minimum of 12 members each year


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